Happy 2022 Runners and Walkers!

It’s almost time for the 2022 Around the World Virtual 5K Race!

Remember, the rules are super simple.

  • Sign up here with your city and country.
  • Run or walk a 5K anytime in April
  • Post a picture to our Facebook group
  • Purchase our swag once we have our 2022 logo.
  • If you can, make a donation to our chosen charity (TBD).

We have some fun prizes for teams and individuals. Coming soon! For more information, please email us!


In 2015, Around the World Virtual 5k began as an opportunity for the running and walking community to come together and share a common (if virtual) running opportunity. The race was inspired by a comment by a fellow expat about the lack of fundraising opportunities, and races, that benefited the Diamond Blackfan Disorder research efforts. This expat had a daughter with the disorder and explained that not a single race raised money focused on this cause. We mobilized to create the virtual race and since it was so successful we have continued the race but we have chosen a different charity to support each year.

The “race” is not about winning or really even about running. It is about coming together as a community to share an experience, support each other, and support a common cause. Participants can run or walk anytime in April (although it doesn’t have to be April) and they are encouraged to donate to the selected charity (although they can choose their own charity). The only requirement is to post a picture to document your participation.

While “participation trophies” have been mocked, this is what we are all about. We encourage participation in whatever way works for you and we will support you, encourage you, and maybe even one of our prizes.

We encourage you to gather a team, hold a low-key event, make a donation to our selected charity (or one you choose) and then post a picture to our Facebook group so we can thank you for participation!

For more information, please email us.

YearAmountBenefiting CharityCitiesParticipants
2015$1,421Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation2297
2016$2,170AAFSW Crisis Fund38371
2017$5,090Save the Children51514
2018$2,000AAFSW Crisis Fund50530
2019$5,415Stone Soup54680
2020$250Environmental Defense Fund37186
2021$2700Micala Siler Memorial Fund67216
Yearly charitable donation from ATW 5K