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Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel is an EFM who never particularly liked yoga until a friend dragged her to a class while she was posted to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After that first hour of Vinyasa yoga practice, Nicole was hooked! She attended as many classes as she could and eventually convinced her Mongolian instructor to lead a 200-hour Teacher Training course for expats. Nicole has taught in Mongolia, Taiwan, and in the Northern Virginia area and also certified in Restorative Yoga. You can find her teaching online at the amazing Epiphany Pilates studio (EFM business!) in Fairfax. (

While not a runner herself (she happily walks, crawls, and skips the virtual 5k every year), there are many benefits to adding yoga to a cardio/running routine. For one, stretching! Runners tend to skip over this important part but stretching is key to improving flexibility and for keeping muscles strong and healthy for avoiding injury. And, yoga helps with balance, awareness, and mental focus.


Eurona Tilley of Epiphany Pilates shares an article, “10 Reasons Why Runners Should Get Serious About Pilates.”

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Eurona E. Tilley, PMA®-CPT

Epiphany Pilates was founded by Eurona Tilley, PMA®-CPT, to share her passion for Pilates with others. Simply put, Pilates transformed Eurona’s life and she believes it can transform yours too.

Eurona was introduced to Pilates in December 2005 at the Tamara Di Tella Pilates studio in Asuncion, Paraguay. Although she was overweight at the time, Eurona quickly realized that Pilates was the total body conditioning program that she had been searching for in a quest to lose weight. Not only did Pilates help her regain strength and flexibility, it enabled Eurona to make the connection between her mind, body and spirit. This epiphany allowed her to adopt a whole body approach to health and wellness, and ultimately lose weight.

Today, Eurona’s goal is to help others achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals through Pilates. She firmly believes that Pilates is for everyone; and, she strives to make her classes comfortable and inviting for a range of fitness levels while introducing progressively challenging and engaging exercises.

Eurona received her Pilates training through BASI Pilates®, a leading Pilates education academy, with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence. She is a certified Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Specialist with The Center for Women’s Fitness and she received her barre certification through Booty Barre®. In addition, Eurona is a Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the international, professional association for the Pilates community.


Patricia Linderman is a fierce advocate and friend to many families around the world. We are thrilled that she has agreed to support our race this year. As a Transformational Coach, Patricia has been changing lives (starting with her own) and will share some of her wisdom with us. For more information about her coaching, check out her website, FierceAfter45.

To learn more about how to get to a 5k this year, read her article written exclusively for the Around the World 5k Website: 10 Ways to Build, Keep and Enjoy a Running Habit!